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Fasteners, as the name suggests, are hardware components by which objects and their parts are held together. Fasteners are made use in a wide variety of objects around us. From computers, microwaves, television sets, air conditioners, taps and door handles to vehicles. Thus with the multitudes of objects making use of fasteners, it does not come as a surprise that they are manufactured on large scales in various industries to meet the requirements of other industries as well as their own.
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Fasteners are of various types – namely,  screws, nuts, bolts, washers, nails, staple pins, staple removers, hex wrenches, rivets, threaded rods, dowel pins to name a few.

Screws are fasteners that are driven by screwdrivers in order to tighten and loosen objects; they are mostly made up of metal and possess a depression in their heads to allow the screwdriver ends to fit in and turn them and their lengths are threaded to allow them to fit into metals and wooden materials. Bolts are fasteners that can easily be mistaken for screws by most; albeit, the main differentiating factor is that bolts are fastened around objects my making use of nuts. Nuts are rounds with holes in the middle to easily run around the lengths of the bolt fasteners. Nails are pin shaped hardware tools that are typically used by carpenters; nails are also used in metal work. Nails are driven by hammers and are used to hang landscapes on the wall, suspend decorative lighting and adjust various fittings and appliances in the kitchen and the washroom. Washers are thin flat plates with rounds cut off of their middle portions; they are used with threaded fasteners such screws, sockets and nuts.  Hex wrenches are fasteners which are shaped like the letter ‘L’; they have hexagonal cross-sectional areas at both their ends which adjust on the heads of hex bolts and hex screws, turning them.  Threaded rods are mostly used in down ceiling applications such as air conditioners; they are also extensively used in electrical applications and plumbing applications. Dowel pins could be made of either metal, plastic or wood; they are used as support structures in woodworking applications and even layered wedding cakes.

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