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Drilling tools are used to bore holes in a hard material like a wall or wood. This product is basically a power tool with a drill bit that is fastened to it. Drilling can be traced all the way back to 35,000BCE where sharp tools were rotated by hand to bore holes in materials and this was probably the basis of the concept of the hand drill. The first recorded drill was recorded 10,000 years ago and was called a bow drill. There have been different types of drills throughout history in different parts of the world but which produce the same effect. These are also put to different uses of which some are more innovative than others. All the above findings paved way for the first electric drill that was produced in 1889 by 2 Australian inventors Arthur James Arnot and William Blanch Brain. The first hand-held drill was invented in 1895 by German inventors and brothers called Wilhem and Carl Fein of Stuttgart. These two inventions led to the invention of the present day piston grip with a trigger switch electric drill. Over the years the electric drill has seen many advancements and assortments of drill bit sizes and shapes as required by users. Now various kits are available in the market.

About the Drill Kits

A drill is a must-have when it comes to power tools in a household. It is extremely versatile and easy to use. The drill comes with either a cord or a battery. Drills can move in two directions - forward, which pushes the drill bit into a material and reverse, to draw the bit out. The direction can be changed with the switch available on the drill. Another switch controls the two variable speeds, the high-speed setting is to drill and lower speed for driving. There is a clutch near the head of the drill which helps to control the drill. The chuck of the drill holds the drill bits in place and all the bits that come with the kit will have the shank size to fit the drill.

How to Use a Drill Kits

Always remember to use safety gear, clamp down whatever you are working on to avoid it from shifting. Select the right bits from your kit then push your drill in forward, grip onto your chuck put the drill bit an eighth of an inch out and press the trigger to tighten the chuck around the bit. Always drill perpendicular to the work surface to avoid an unwanted damage or breakage.
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Drill Kits

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A drill kit consists of the entire set of tools and equipment that are required to perform a drilling operation. A drill kit typically consists of the drilling power tool itself in addition to the drill bits of various sizes and kinds to perform the drilling action. In addition to these, drill kits may also contain taps and cutters of various sizes. 

Types of Drill Kits

There are a lot of options for users to choose from when it comes to buying drill kits. Drill kits may contain corded drills or cordless drills to cater to a wide range of requirements. Popular types of drilling kits include impact drill kits, solid power tool kits, combo kits, drill kits with accessories, and promo basket hand tool kits. An impact drill that is popularly used in most types of drill kits is a multifunctional drill that can be used to drive screws, nuts and bolts, in addition to drilling holes as well.
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